Monday, March 16, 2009

Moshing for love.

So this past week has been the week of large packages. I'm pretty sure my boss hates me because he always has "mail boxes" as he calls them waiting for me in his office every week. Last week I got a HUGE box from John that was full of all my favorite candy some sweet shirts and this CD of some band I've never heard of.. A Plea for whating? Sounds like something associated w/ bulimia but who even knows?! KIDDING! I'm so pumped about this new CD! I took a picture with it then ripped it open and listened to it from start to finish. So good! Yeah I danced in my apartment... don't act like you're surprised. This week I played one of the songs for my students and did an english activity "tell me what you picture when you hear this song"
Retribution as pictured by Chinese University Students:
  • The singer is adamant about water conservation and protecting the earth's natural resources and wants people to become aware of this.
  • A Fierce basketball game that turns into a quarrel.
  • A Crazy angry driver going through a crowded city and onto a highway.
  • A Funny Crazy man Complaining about something in society.
  • A Lion's Roar
  • A man represents a group of people complaining about being oppressed by society.
  • A group of cool guys performing this song men are dancing crazy to the music, wearing all shiny black. (haha so close!)
  • People that do not fit in trying to find where they belong in society.
  • A war song - Two armies in an intense battle eventually everyone looses their arms (weapons) and it becomes a hand to hand competition, in the end only one man survives. He is alone.
  • A nascar race that becomes very close at the finish.
  • It's midnight in the rainforest, you can hear lions and tigers howling, hunters are around a fire celebrating, they are dancing and wrestling. Very uncivilized.
  • A Gloomy room full of bones and coffins a man causes them to move, it's very scary.
  • Slaves shouting about their oppression.
  • A group of beasts
  • A boxing competition, it is very fierce, in the middle they have a break then when they begin again one man is bleeding and one man wins.
And now for my two favorite:
  • Soldiers w/ large guns dancing then aliens come to earth and the soldiers must fight the aliens, but they are still dancing the whole time as they fight the aliens with their large guns.
  • The devil calling you to hell.
hahaha I LOVE China! This one girl looked absolutely terrified of the song. I asked if they liked it and she shouted NO! haha Then I explained the music and the band and why I like it and yadda yadda. I tried to explain hardcore dancing, I thought they would ask me to demonstrate but they didn't. Which is unfortunate because I'm really good at it!

This week I got another package and it was from my dentist and the sweet girls that work in his office. I've gone to that dentist since I've had teeth so it was really sweet to get such a loving gift from them! Ironically it was full of candy! haha, some magazines AND Doritoes and Cheetos!!! So excited about that. Floss, toothpaste, and toothbrushes were in there too. I really will use the floss girls I promise! (I know you don't believe me but I will! All this candy I'll have to! hahaha) Thank you so much!!
My Kenyan neighbor Sue always sees when mom or anyone sends me a package and she comes over to check out the goodies. I'll have to share the wealth for sure. Mom's all about the packages, Sue says that it means people really love me and miss me back home. I think she's right.
Speaking of missing and loving people. Saturday was Plea's CD release show in Nashville. Most of my friends were there and I hated missing it. That was the second day I felt so far away since coming to China. The first was Christmas. But I was missed as much as I missed being there turns out. My girls took some great pictures for me, and my friend Lego painted "I mosh 4 Wendy" on his chest and back! hahaha I love that boy! I do miss those shows. But as John reminds me there will be other CD's and other shows that I won't miss. He's very supportive and I'm very blessed to be loved by so many. I called Emily and cried to her about being alone then Sarah called and we cried together. For some reason crying with them made me feel better.
I'll be home in a little more than 4 months for Sarah's wedding I'm so excited! It will be a busy visit, seeing everyone and spending time with my family but I'm excited for it.
Today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday Daddy!!!
Happy St. Patrick's day everyone else! Oh I'm not wearing green.. should probably get on that.

I love and miss you all!

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Wally said...

I am completely shocked you would be dancing alone in your apartment! Egads woman!