Thursday, May 7, 2009

Riddle me this

Here's a riddle Hai li told me today:

There are 5 people on one side of a bridge at night. They need to cross, but they only have one light. They can cross the bridge two at a time, but someone must bring the light back after each trip. Each person travels at a different speed across the bridge.
Person #1 - 1 second
Person #2- 3 seconds
Person #3 - 6 seconds
Person #4- 8 seconds
Person #5- 12 seconds

What is the fastest time possible for all the people to get across the bridge? The people must walk on their own, they cannot be carried.
Good luck!


Jenni said...

32 Seconds?

Connected but Apart. said...


Wally said...

I got it! 29 Seconds!

The Jaramillo Family said...

Just found your blog again.
This pic is awesome. Ed and I are super jealous. Maybe I can do what you are doing in 10 years :)