Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The return!

Oh Happy day! With much help from Donald I was able to get the proxy server up and running so now I have my blog back! And thats all I'm going to say about that issue...
Unfortunately it's been two months since my last post. Many things have happened since then and I'm not sure I can even account most of them but I will try.
May was busy with studying and preparation for the GRE, as well as Emily, Ott, and John's visit. Emily and Ott arrived at the end of May with mixed emotions between the two of them however all in all it seemed they enjoyed themselves. I was so happy to see them. Indescribably happy actually. We went to Catholic church and Shanghai together. Both were new experiences for us all in some ways. John met us in Shanghai and after a little travel confusion we said goodbye to Emily and Ott and hello Changzhi. At arrival I got in a huge fight with a taxi driver effectively using my Chinese we got a bargain for the trip.
John and I taught my students Baseball, and I wrecked my bike. Then we went to Beijing to take the GRE. The results should arrive at my parents house at the end of this month, along with me. After Beijing we traveled to Hangzhou on our 3rd anniversary and enjoyed each others company for our last remaining days together... in China. 3 years isn't quite so long when you only have seen each other for a grand total of 5 months.
I came back to CZ alone and sad but Hai Li and Shen Ling surprised me at the airport and I love them for that. I spent a lot of this last month finishing up classes and getting things organized to move to the next chapter. I threw the sisters a graduation party which was fun. We invited Melissa and I think she enjoyed that.
I leave in two days for Tai Yuan then off to Inner Mongolia again where I will stay until mid November. Except the three weeks I'm coming to America to visit my family and friends and participate in my BAFF's wedding.

Looking back on this year it's hard to say where growth occurred, though I know it did. I know my life and my being has taken new form. Living in a foreign country, living ALONE in a foreign country should effect anyone who experiences it. I have felt overwhelmed with interaction and simultaneously felt complete isolation. I have drowned in my own self loathing and been raised up by the Holy Spirit within me. I cannot look back on this experience and say I was brought here on my own accord. Not brought but led. Drawn to this place as if my soul belonged here. Through pain and joy I have shed layers and found in me the person for now that I should be.
Where do I belong now?

"Although I have sent them far away among the nations, I have been a sanctuary for them in the countries where they have gone."
~Ezekiel 11:16

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